Cinebench R15 Scores (Single Core & Multi-Core)

This is a database of Cinebench R15 Scores, including both Single-Core as well as multi-core benchmarks, for a massive list of CPU’s. If you’d like to submit your data here, absolutely comment down below with your numbers! We can’t make this site as comprehensive as we’d like if not for you!

Cinebench Single-Core vs. Multi-Core: Why it Matters

What does a Cinebench score tell us? When looking at single-core scores, Cinebench offers an easy way to get a baseline comparison for applications that need fewer, more powerful cores, such as games and typically show off a CPU’s maximum single-core turbo frequency. This is why a CPU can have mediocre multi-core performance, but amazing single-core performance due to high boost clocks. Cinebench R15 Single-Core scores are also important for game emulators like Dolphin, PCSX2, and Citra. All rely on a lower number of cores, sometimes even a single one. As a result, single-core performance is more important in those situations. Faster individual cores can also lend to making your system feel more fast and snappy.

Cinenebch R15 Multi-core scores on the other hand, are more useful for applications that use most or all of your processor’s cores/threads. A common example being video editing. While better single-core performance may help with responsiveness in general usage, this is not necessarily the case in tasks like video editing, where render times favor many more cores far more than a few cores that can work really fast.

While comparing scores strictly based on Cinebench R15 results is not an exact science, these will give you a good idea of what kind of performance you’ll see in a given system.

Download Cinebench R15 Here:


CPUCores/ThreadsClock SpeedCinebench R15 Single-Core ScoreCinebench R15 Multi-Core Score
AMD Threadripper 2990WX32 Cores (64 Threads)3.0 Ghz174 cb5224 cb
Intel Xeon Platinum 818028 Cores (56 Threads)2.5 Ghz165 cb4355 cb
AMD Threadripper 2970X24 Cores (48 Threads)3.0 Ghz170 cb4323 cb
AMD Epyc 760132 Cores (64 Threads)2.2 Ghz141 cb4068 cb
Intel Xeon Platinum 816824 Cores (48 Threads)2.7 Ghz161 cb4002 cb
AMD Epyc 750132 Cores (64 Threads)2.0 Ghz132 cb3912 cb
Intel Xeon Platinum 817628 Cores (56 Threads)2.1 Ghz165 cb3873 cb
AMD Epyc 7551P32 Cores (64 Threads)2.0 Ghz132 cb3838 cb
Intel i9 9980XE18 Cores (36 Threads)3.0 Ghz199 cb3799 cb
Intel i9 9990XE14 Cores (28 Threads)4.0 Ghz221 cb3732 cb
Intel Xeon Platinum 816426 Cores (52 Threads)2.0 Ghz161 cb3720 cb
Intel Xeon 817026 Cores (52 Threads)2.1 Ghz161 cb3596 cb
Intel i9 7980XE18 Cores (36 Threads)2.6 Ghz184 cb3455 cb
Intel Xeon Platinum 816024 Cores (48 Threads)2.1 Ghz161 cb3444 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 614820 Cores (40 Threads)2.4 Ghz161 cb3310 cb
AMD Epyc 745124 Cores (48 Threads)2.3 Ghz141 cb3277 cb
AMD Threadripper 2950X16 Cores (32 Threads)3.5 Ghz179 cb3210 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 615418 Cores (36 Threads)3.0 Ghz162 cb3210 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 615018 Cores (36 Threads)2.7 Ghz161 cb3188 cb
Intel i9 7960X16 Cores (32 Threads)2.8 Ghz184 cb3161 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 615222 Cores (44 Threads)2.1 Ghz161 cb3157 cb
AMD Epyc 740124 Cores (48 Threads)2.0 Ghz132 cb3156 cb
AMD Epyc 7401P24 Cores (48 Threads)2.0 Ghz132 cb3156 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 613820 Cores (40 Threads)2.0 Ghz161 cb3069 cb
AMD Threadripper 1950X16 Cores (32 Threads)3.4 Ghz166 cb3062 cb
Intel Xeon W-219518 Cores (36 Threads)2.3 Ghz187 cb2949 cb
Intel i9 7940X14 Cores (28 Threads)3.1 Ghz188 cb2849 cb
Intel Xeon Gold 614018 Cores (36 Threads)2.3 Ghz161 cb2785 cb
AMD Threadripper 2920X12 Cores (24 Threads)3.5 Ghz176 cb2604 cb
Intel Xeon E5-2699 V422 Cores (44 Threads)2.2 Ghz120 cb2460 cb
Intel i9 7920X12 Cores (24 Threads)2.9 Ghz188 cb2438 cb
AMD Threadripper 1920X12 Cores (24 Threads)3.5 Ghz168 cb2431 cb
Intel i9 9900X10 Cores (20 Threads)3.5 Ghz197 cb2274 cb
AMD Epyc 735116 Cores (32 Threads)2.4 Ghz128 cb2184 cb
AMD Epyc 7351P16 Cores (32 Threads)2.4 Ghz128 cb2184 cb
Intel i9 9820X10 Cores (20 Threads)3.3 Ghz177 cb2170 cb
Intel i9 7900X10 Cores (20 Threads)3.3 Ghz193 cb2168 cb
Intel i9 9900KF8 Cores (16 Threads)3.6 Ghz218 cb2081 cb
Intel i9 9900K8 Cores (16 Threads)3.6 Ghz218 cb2081 cb
AMD Epyc 728116 Cores (32 Threads)2.2 Ghz119 cb2033 cb
AMD Epyc 7301 16 Cores (32 Threads)2.2 Ghz119 cb2033 cb
Intel Xeon W-215510 Cores (20 Threads)3.3 Ghz191 cb2021 cb
Intel Xeon E5-2687W V412 Cores (24 Threads)3.0 Ghz138 cb1860 cb
Intel i9 9800X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.8 Ghz194 cb1826 cb
Intel i7 6950X10 Cores (20 Threads)3.0 Ghz147 cb1788 cb
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.7 Ghz180 cb1783 cb
Intel i7 7820X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.6 Ghz176 cb1734 cb
Intel Xeon Silver 411612 Cores (24 Threads)2.1 Ghz131 cb1722 cb
AMD Threadripper 1900X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.8 Ghz168 cb1711 cb
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.6 Ghz161 cb1613 cb
Intel Xeon E5-2650 V412 Cores (24 Threads)2.2 Ghz128 cb1589 cb
Intel i7 6900K8 Cores (16 Threads)3.2 Ghz154 cb1562 cb
Intel i7 9700K8 Cores 3.6 Ghz212 cb1542 cb
Intel i7 9700KF8 Cores 3.6 Ghz212 cb1542 cb
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.4 Ghz145 cb1540 cb
AMD Ryzen 7 27008 Cores (16 Threads)3.2 Ghz165 cb1526 cb
Intel Xeon X5675 (Dual CPU)12 Cores (24 Threads)3.07 Ghz (3.5 Ghz Boost)101 cb1451 cb
Intel Xeon Silver 411410 Cores (20 Threads)2.2 Ghz131 cb1439 cb
Intel i7 8700K6 Cores (12 Threads)3.7 Ghz205 cb1428 cb
AMD Ryzen 7 17008 Cores (16 Threads)3.0 Ghz137 cb1426 cb
Intel i7 87006 Cores (12 Threads)3.2 Ghz195 cb1420 cb
Intel i7 8086K6 Cores (12 Threads)4.0 Ghz (5.0 Ghz Boost)215 cb1386 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X6 Cores (12 Threads)3.6 Ghz176 cb1373 cb
Intel i7 7800X6 Cores (12 Threads)3.5 Ghz184 cb1333 cb
Intel i7 5960X8 Cores (16 Threads)3.0 Ghz177 cb1324 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 26006 Cores (12 Threads)3.4 Ghz163 cb1307 cb
Intel Xeon X5650 (Dual CPU)12 Cores (24 Threads)2.66 Ghz94 cb1279 cb
Intel i9 8950HK6 Cores (12 Threads)2.9 Ghz211 cb1269 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 1600X6 Cores (12 Threads)3.3 Ghz161 cb1250 cb
Intel i7 6850K6 Cores (12 Threads)3.6 Ghz156 cb1235 cb
Intel i7 9750H6 Cores (12 Threads)2.6 Ghz192 cb1233 cb
Intel Xeon 41108 Cores (16 Threads)2.1 Ghz131 cb1148 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 16006 Cores (12 Threads)3.2 Ghz145 cb1147 cb
Intel Xeon Silver 4109T8 Cores (16 Threads)2.0 Ghz131 cb1103 cb
Intel i7 6800K6 Cores (12 Threads)3.4 Ghz146 cb1096 cb
Intel Xeon E5-2620 V48 Cores (16 Threads)2.1 Ghz125 cb1096 cb
AMD Epyc 72518 Cores (16 Threads)2.1 Ghz128 cb1093 cb
Intel i5 9600K6 Cores3.7 Ghz200 cb1068 cb
Intel i5 9600KF6 Cores3.7 Ghz200 cb1068 cb
Intel i7 8750H6 Cores 2.2 Ghz180 cb1063 cb
Intel i5 96006 Cores3.1 Ghz186 cb1042 cb
Intel i5 8600K6 Cores3.6 Ghz183 cb1040 cb
Intel i7 8850H6 Cores (12 Threads)2.6 Ghz182 cb1023 cb
Intel i5 95006 Cores3.0 Ghz182 cb1016 cb
Intel i5 9500F6 Cores3.0 Ghz182 cb1016 cb
Intel Xeon Silver 41088 Cores (16 Threads)1.8 Ghz130 cb1014cb
Intel i7 7700K4 Cores (8 Threads)4.2 Ghz191 cb996 cb
Intel i5 94006 Cores2.9 Ghz177 cb987 cb
Intel i5 9400F6 Cores2.9 Ghz177 cb987 cb
Intel i7 7740X4 Cores (8 Threads)4.3 Ghz196 cb986 cb
Intel i5 84006 Cores2.8 Ghz161 cb966 cb
Intel i5 86006 Cores3.1 Ghz178 cb959 cb
Intel i5 85006 Cores3.0 Ghz174 cb934 cb
Intel i5 9600T6 Cores2.3 Ghz159 cb908 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G4 Cores (8 Threads)3.6 Ghz156 cb826 cb
Intel i5 8400H4 Cores (8 Threads)2.5 Ghz178 cb819 cb
Intel i5 9500T6 Cores2.2 Ghz155 cb811 cb
Intel Xeon W-21234 Cores (8 Threads)3.6 Ghz167 cb806 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 1500X4 Cores (8 Threads)3.5 Ghz152 cb803 cb
AMD Ryzen 3750H4 Cores (8 Threads)2.3 Ghz161 cb802 cb
Intel i5 8300H4 Cores (8 Threads)2.3 Ghz169 cb795 cb
AMD Ryzen 5 14004 Cores (8 Threads)3.2 Ghz134 cb787 cb
Intel i5 9400T6 Cores1.8 Ghz150 cb710 cb